Revolution is the Australian section of the International Marxist Tendency. We are fighting for a revolutionary socialist program in the labour movement and among the youth, to put an end to this crisis-ridden capitalist system once and for all.


Are you a communist? Then it’s time to get organised. Join Revolution – the Australian section of the International Marxist Tendency – today.

Capitalism is on the brink. An entire generation has known only crisis, austerity, and climate catastrophe. Everywhere we look there is war, poverty, and exploitation. And yet, the rich have seen their wealth grow enormously.

People are correctly beginning to draw the conclusion that the root of the problem is capitalism itself. Young people in Australia are now drawing the conclusion that ‘communism is the ideal system’.

Communism is not just a good idea or an identity. Communists dedicate their lives to conquering Marxist ideas, intervening in the class struggle, and fighting for revolution.

We proudly stand on the ideas of genuine Marxism, represented by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky.

Marxism is ‘scientific socialism’: a way of understanding the world, in order to change it. We begin by analysing the real developments that are taking place under capitalism, and the forces which drive the system into crisis.

The clear conclusion is that we need a revolution. And the only force capable of transforming society is the working class, when organised and mobilised.

The working class is now on the move across the world. But to be victorious, and see socialism in our lifetimes, what is required is a fighting, revolutionary leadership.

The building of the revolutionary tendency – in Australia and internationally – is the burning question; not in the remote future, but now.

We are determined to carry out this historic task. That is why we are appealing to you to join us. The revolution needs you! So join Revolution and the International Marxist Tendency today!

What We Stand for

The capitalist system is in a complete impasse. It cannot be reformed. It must be overthrown. We are fighting for bold socialist policies to defend workers and challenge the capitalist system.

  • Answer the cost-of-living crisis with a $35 per hour minimum wage. For a sliding (rising) scale of wages, with increases in pay, pensions, and benefits automatically linked to prices.

  • For a fully publicly-owned and free health service, under workers’ control and management. Reverse all privatisation and outsourcing. All private health and care services must be nationalised without compensation, and integrated into the Public Health Service.

  • Fight the climate catastrophe and inflation with expropriation and socialist planning. Nationalise the energy monopolies, big supermarket chains, and distributors, without compensation.

  • For a mass program of building public housing. Nationalise the land, construction companies, and banks to provide the resources to accomplish this.

  • Free education and full maintenance grants for all. End marketisation – kick the profiteers out of education. Put staff in control in schools and universities.

  • To fight job cuts and unemployment, work should be shared out without any loss of pay, in order to lower the hours of the working week.

  • Fight for the real emancipation of women. Remove all barriers to women working: provide free nurseries, after-school childcare, and care for the elderly. End all forms of discrimination. Equal pay for work of equal value.

  • Many small businesses are faced with bankruptcy – squeezed not only by the banks, but by the big monopolies. By nationalising the banks we can supply these small businesses with the lifeline of guaranteed low-interest credit.

It is clear that the market has failed and capitalism is in a deep crisis. It is the anarchy of capitalism that prevents the rational planning of society’s resources, in Australia and internationally.

We therefore stand for the nationalisation of the 50 biggest monopolies, banks, and insurance companies – under workers’ control and management – without compensation. As internationalists, we fight for a Socialist Federation of Australia linked to a Socialist United States of Oceania & a World Socialist Federation, in order to plan resources internationally for the benefit of all. This would allow humanity to begin solving the urgent issues of climate change, disease, and poverty that face society and our planet.

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